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The sweet serotonin release of walking into Costco and seeing sample stations straight ahead (pre-pandemic of course) is a rush rivaled by few other experiences.

Those who know Costco, love Costco, and those who don’t usually have several close friends who are obsessed to a slightly concerning degree with the wholesale giant.

What some people don’t realize, however, is that iLC’s Digital Content Warehouse serves as Costco’s doppelganger for teachers—you receive a large amount of course content for your lesson plans at a very reasonable price, similar to when you buy in bulk at Costco.

You can find every subject in one place, whether it’s English 7, Multivariate Calculus, or Life Management (just like you can pick up a pair of pajama pants on your way out after exiting the Costco milk room).

Most importantly, you can rest assured that the courses and content you are receiving are extremely high quality.

To put it plainly, the Digital Content Warehouse (DCW) is a service that we offer with the purpose of creating equity in K-12 education through supplemental resources.

Not only do these courses give educators the ability to use vetted ideas specifically targeted to be successful in blended learning environments, but they also enable you to round out your educational curriculum without starting completely from scratch.

The material is developed by the educators on our team with years of experience in the field, and the courses are thoroughly curated to ensure the quality of the content.

Every course is customizable to the needs of your students, rendering it student-centered and therefore adhering to our mission.

Once you have access to the course you can change it in any way that you like so that it fits with your teaching style and with your district’s requirements.

There are also ways to reduce fees for purchasing access, which renders the DCW a completely manageable asset worthy of investment.

Still not convinced on how this warehouse could help make your endeavors as an educator more fruitful with less superfluous effort?

Head on over to the “What We Do” tab of our website, click on “Digital Content Warehouse,” scroll to the bottom of the page, and try out our demo of the service (included in this post is a screenshot of the screen you see once you log in).

We hope that these services prove helpful to you and that you enjoyed spending your lunch break with us. Thanks for coming to today’s Coffee Break Chat!

iLC DCW Demo Page

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