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We encourage you to start off this Coffee Break Chat by taking a second to think about some of the best mentors that you have had over the course of your life.

Was it a coach who pointed out specific ways that you could improve your game? A counselor who identified certain trends in your behavior and helped you to work on building good habits? Or perhaps it was a professional mentor who helped you prepare for work as an educator or in another field?

Guidance and words of wisdom from someone who can see your situation from a new perspective is essential to growth for anyone; usually we are able to go so far as to identify a problem (be it in our personal or professional life), but often it can be very difficult to know what steps to take to rectify that issue.

Perhaps as you read this post you think about some areas in your school or district that you would love to see improvement in, but are not quite sure where to start.

If this is you, take heart—you’re in the right place! Our consultants here at iLC would be thrilled to work alongside you as mentors and assess your situation from an outside perspective.

Our goal is to help your district or school move towards innovation and improvement while planning and supporting you through implementation of solutions.

The beauty of working with our consultants is that they are adaptable and able to customize their support to the specific needs of your environment. They can provide a school district landscape analysis and identify trends, make observations, and pose recommendations based on their findings to optimize implementation of new plans.

Or, perhaps you work for the district and are looking to provide some professional development for your teachers on a broader scale. In that case, we encourage you to partner with us as we give formal leadership on PD for school leaders as well as one-on-one coaching.

Our consultants are also happy to offer technical support and assist in evaluating different programs and strategies, help with project management, and work alongside you in design and implementation.

Maybe none of these categories seem to fit what your district needs—maybe you are just seeking someone to brainstorm with you, to bounce ideas around with you, and to coach you on how to enhance leadership capacity and identify systemic solutions. In that case, our consultants are also able to function as “thought partners” with you and fulfill these needs.

Our staff here at iLC exists to support you, as educators, leaders, and teachers. We know how valuable mentorship and guidance can be, and for this reason we hope that you consider partnering with us and allowing our staff members to support you. Thanks for tuning in to today’s Coffee Break Chat!

One last note from our website:

“iLearn Collaborative is fortunate to receive the support of Colorado Empowered Learning and other philanthropic donors who subsidize our most popular services.  Contact Us to be considered for hours of complimentary services.

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