By and for educators, iLearn Collaborative builds capacity in educators to lead and implement flexible teaching in ever-changing learning environments.

Our services are based on research and 100+ years of collective experience in K-12 education focused on school and district leadership and instruction in online, hybrid, and in-person learning environments.

Our Story

Our mission is to create equity in K–12 education by building the capacity of educators to implement student-centered learning.

What began in 2009 as a grassroots effort to start a dialogue between districts who were building online schools and then blended programs, grew to support the market’s post-pandemic demands. Ms. Judy Perez founded iLearn Collaborative (iLC) in 2013 to administer Colorado’s Empowered Learning statewide program for professional development and consulting support to K-12 districts’ implementation of online and blended learning. We’re proud to be named as the acknowledged provider for professional development and consulting services in the state of Colorado.

We work with districts, schools, and entities across the U.S. and the world.

iLC is expanding its services to meet the ever-growing market demand on a national and international level. Our work spans the US and includes partnerships in countries including Colombia, Switzerland, and the Bahamas.

What We Do

Wrap-Around, Comprehensive Support Services that Build Educator Capacity

We are laser focused on our proven core competencies and partner with clients to build capacity and transform learning. Our suite of services include needs assessment, planning, implementation, and continual improvement, all personalized and designed to help educators upskill. Educators are empowered to deploy standards, data, and interventions in traditional, online, and blended learning classes in districts, schools, and statewide and regional cooperatives.

Our success is reflective of the team’s strength, passion, and commitment, who draw from their collective talent, knowledge, and innovation. All of our leaders, facilitators, and consultants are former administrators, school leaders, and teachers.

Our Core Competencies
  • Leadership Support
  • Professional Development
  • Building Capacity & Sustainability

Suite of Services

Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

iLearn landscape analysis services provide a model-agnostic third-party, independent analysis of a school, district, or organization’s landscape. Organizations use our CNAs to identify current strengths and areas for growth. Our consultants are all former educators and school leaders, and are assigned to work based on each organization’s specific needs to leverage each’s experience and expertise.

Through our multi-step process, iLC consultants work with leaders and leadership teams to determine the root causes of challenges and compile a report to detail priorities, recommendations, and next steps.

  • Root cause and landscape analyses
  • Detailed report outlining key observations, trends, and talent management
  • Recommendations to optimize flexible learning implementation
  • Ongoing support with priorities, recommendations, and road map

Leadership Support & Executive Coaching

Research shows that effective educational reform is dependent on effective leadership. iLC provides leadership coaching and thought partnership to identify and enhance leadership capacity to plan and implement targeted, systemic learning solutions. Leadership supports provide education leaders with strategies to support teachers as progress through a teacher-focused professional development process.

Coaching is a thought partnership model that allows leaders to reflect on their needs and the needs of their staff and strategize ways to best support them in effective implementation. Based on the school’s needs, the coaching can be conducted in one-on-one sessions and/or leadership team sessions. Some examples of areas of support include:

  • Strategic planning to design, build, and implement online and blended instructional models
  • Leadership assessment and executive coaching
  • Implementation of district/school improvement plans
  • Classroom walkthroughs and observation support
  • Meeting facilitation and stakeholder engagement
  • Enrollment and school choice options
  • Project-based learning support
  • Year-over-year analysis
  • Leader learning networks that pool resources and expertise

Professional Development

iLC provides professional development programs by and for educators. Our course design and facilitation model learner-centric instructional practices and empower educators to improve their digital teaching and relationship-building skills.

  • Educators receive personalized supports and learn new competencies that are recognized, rewarded, and immediately implementable.
  • Courses and on-site workshops are facilitated by experienced, expert accredited practitioners, who offer coaching that is supported by digital content focused on specific problems of practice and project-based work.
  • Courses are micro-credentialed, badged, and earn graduate-level credits that count towards recertification.
  • Courses are university accredited at reduced cost and aligned to national quality standards and best practices.
  • Learning progressions guide educators through personalized pathways from introductory through advanced levels of knowledge and experience, meeting the instructional needs of participants.
  • Participants receive hands-on training in student-centered instruction from expert real-time support and can control when and what to learn, contacting facilitators via phone, email, text, and accessing digital content and learning communities.
  • District and school cohorts with customized time frames are available upon request.

Professional Development Options Designed To Meet Learning Needs Through Personalized Support

iLC Signature Courses
  • Three-week modules, 15-45 PD clock hours / 1-3 university graduate credits
  • Courses are facilitated by experienced accredited practitioners, who offer coaching that is supported by digital content focused on specific problems of practice and project-based work
  • Learning progressions through programs guide educators through customized pathways from introductory through advanced levels of knowledge and experience
  • Real-time facilitator support
  • Control when and what to learn
  • Digital content resources available for knowledge application
Train-the-Trainer/Blended Learning Certification Program
  • 90 PD clock hours / 6-13 graduate-level credits
  • Certified educators become local expert facilitators for their schools/districts
  • iLC provides the courses and districts/schools can create their own custom PD programming
Fast-Track Teacher Prep Program
  • 24-32 PD clock hours towards recertification
  • 2 graduate-level credits
  • 3-4-competency path
  • Accelerated learning path with customized time frames
  • Qualified Blended Educator Certificate and digital badge for email signature
  • Opportunity to earn Blended Instructor Certification
Accelerated Blended Learning Experience (ABLE)
  • Three blocks/modules, each consisting of three instructional webinars 
  • Access to digital resources that support on-demand learning
  • Synchronous and asynchronous instructional support delivered by an expert blended practitioner
  • Ability to design and develop lessons for immediate implementation (learn-by-doing approach)
  • 24 PD clock hours per block / 1.5 graduate-level credits
  • Digital badge (micro-credential) for email signature
  • Customized time frames for school/district cohorts
Virtual & In-Person Workshops
  • Hands-on training in student-centered instructional best practices
  • Tailored to teachers’ specific training needs
  • Certificates for PD clock hours
  • Ongoing training reinforces learning, implementation, practice, and growth
Teacher Coaching
  • Individual/Group coaching is learner-centric and non-evaluative, available both in-person and virtually
  • Customized to meet the needs of your school and teaching team(s)
  • Data analysis
  • Lesson planning support
  • Follow up coaching to support trainings/workshops
  • Modeling and observations
  • Grade-level or department team facilitation

Current Professional Development Program Catalog

Blended Learning

  • Introduction to Blended Learning
  • Instructional Best Practices in Blended Learning
  • Creating Digital Content for Blended Learning
  • Rotation Models
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Differentiation Strategies in a Blended Environment
  • Inquiry in Blended Learning
  • Teacher Data Dashboards
  • The Tech-Integrated Classroom

Classroom Management Series

  • Classroom Culture: Cultivating a Manageable Classroom
  • Classroom Culture: Ideas & Strategies for Successful Classroom Management

Content-Specific Courses for Blended Instruction

  • Instructional Best Practices in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Special Education & PE/Health
  • Instructional Best Practices for Librarians

Courses for Advanced Blended Instruction

  • Engaging Students Using Gamification
  • Project-Based Learning in a Blended Learning Environment
  • Digital Tools for Blended Learning

English Language Learner (ELL) Series

  • English Language Learners (ELL) Foundations
  • Engaging English Language Learners (ELL) in Your Classroom

Leadership Series

  • Introducing Blended Learning to Your School or District
  • Supporting Blended Learning in your School or District

Online Instruction Series

  • Introduction to Online Instruction
  • Best Practices in Online Instruction
  • Creating Digital Content for Online Instruction
  • Open Education Resources for Online Instruction
  • Online Course Development

Personalized Learning Series

  • The Culturally Responsive Educator and Personalized Learning Innovations
  • Introduction to Personalized Learning
  • The Why, What & How of Personalized Learning
  • Foundations of Personalized Learning
  • Planning, Instruction & Assessment in Personalized Learning
  • Student Experience in Personalized Learning
  • Student Choice and Agency

Tiered Interventions Series

  • Introduction to Tiered Interventions, Behaviors & Academics
  • Introduction to Data Analysis for Tiered Students
Current Workshop Offerings
  • Introduction to Blended Learning
  • Best Practices in Blended learning
  • Creating Digital Content for Blended Learning
  • Creating Digital Content for Online Instruction
  • The Tech-Integrated Classroom
  • Leveling Up Your Synchronous Sessions
  • Introduction to Tiered Behavior Interventions
  • Introduction to Tiered Academic Interventions
  • Standards-Based Grading
  • Data Analysis
  • Let’s Get Personal! (Personalized Learning at a Glance)
  • Differentiating Instruction Using Book Creator

*As of December 2022

Our Impact

Proven Success

iLC’s approach to professional development has resulted in student outcomes that are consistently higher across grade levels, subjects, and modules. The success of our training is recognized on many fronts:

  • iLC has participated in numerous research projects that include the International Association of K12 Online Learning (iNACOL), The Christensen Institute, and the United States Department of Education.
  • All iLC services are based on research focused on school and district leadership and classroom instruction in online, blended, and fully brick and mortar educational environments.
  • Thought leaders in the space, such as the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), Future Ready Schools, EdSurge, Digital Learning Collaborative, and CRPE have partnered with iLC to support efforts to help educators understand how to integrate technology and quality instructional practice.
  • iLC is a nationally acknowledged provider of open licensed resources through the U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen Initiative.

Our learning programs are targeted, customized, and just in time. Educators, trainers, and leaders can quickly be prepared to implement digital learning. Our program leverages our highest demand professional development courses that actively address best practices for blended and online instruction, technology integration, and learner engagement, meeting learners where they are and personalized for immediate implementation.

Sheridan Schools has been working collaboratively with the ILearn Collaborative team for two years. We have been fortunate to have the iLC team as thought partners as we design and roll out our remote and blended learning systems. This year, they have been extremely helpful as a three-year plan turned into an immediate need as we had to define and execute our 1:1 strategy and plan, infuse technology, blended learning, and remote strategies into our district professional development plan and helped us to make change with district and building administration. The clarity of details, processes, and defined terms have made our vision and pathway clearer and more doable.

Blanche KapushionDirector of Student Achievement, Sheridan School District

iLearn Collaborative has been an integral part of Kit Carson’s success. The blended learning tools that were delivered by iLC and integrated by the staff made the transition to hybrid and remote learning a much easier process. The iLC staff went above and beyond in being flexible with the Kit Carson staff. I was most impressed with the eagerness that iLC had to provide any assistance that the teachers and administration needed.

Mr. Robert FramelSuperintendent, Kit Carson School District R1

The team is responsive to current needs and able to anticipate future needs. They are communicative, knowledgeable, and they have helped fill the gaps that we’ve had, particularly as we learned how to transition into digital learning.

Ms. DovePrincipal & Superintendent, De Beque Schools

The consulting process is an external infusion that has given our work heightened exposure to a wider range of leadership and schools. Without this process, we would have likely continued to bump into the walls of opposition.

Leader, Weldon Valley Schools

The time I have invested in the courses was so valuable and applicable to my instruction and overall teaching strategies. More importantly, the help and guidance provided has been outstanding! The flexibility and support from such an organized professional development opportunity is more than a person could ask for.

Mr. UnruhTeacher, Ridgway School District R-2

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