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Happy Monday, and welcome to today’s Coffee Break Chat! We wanted to enlighten you about a resource that many educators we have spoken with use as a staple in their teacher toolkit: Edpuzzle.

In today’s world of Zoom and constant screen engagement, it can often be difficult for students to remain focused while a teacher lectures for an extended period of time. They may also be distracted by their friends in the classroom and wish that they could be interacting with them instead of listening.

One way to ensure that students of any age stay engaged is by flipping your classroom, and Edpuzzle is a great tool that makes that transition seamless. An effectively flipped classroom can look different depending on the teacher and subject, but essentially it is the idea that students watch preliminary lectures/get exposed to the content for the first time at home, then come to class to further discuss what they learned and collaborate with their classmates on sample problems or applications.

Maybe you decide to have your students watch a video at home, then come to your Zoom meeting and go into breakout rooms to work on problems together. Whichever way you do it, Edpuzzle is a highly acclaimed tool that proves beneficial in allowing you to record yourself as a teacher lecturing with slides in the background. The program is free and also enables you to insert questions/checkpoints into your videos to ensure that students are understanding the content effectively (students’ answers can even be transported instantly into an online gradebook).

For further information, check out Edpuzzle’s blog on their website for an abundance of their free videos paired with specific lessons for different subjects, as well as even more tips and tricks on best practices of a flipped classroom and blended learning in general.

Thanks so much, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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