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What kind of coffee are you sipping today as you join us for another Coffee Break Chat? Hopefully it warms your body and energizes you for the rest of the day and week ahead.

Today we wanted to take a minute and feature one of the ways that iLearn Collaborative works to provide efficient and timely ways for all teachers and educators out there looking to work on their professional development.

Our “Fast Track” program does just what it claims to do in that fitting title: it provides you with the resources to be set, as an educator, on the fast track to further developing your skills, learning best practices for blended learning, and making your job easier, all in one place (unlike periodic, occasionally unrelated PD events that you may have attended in the past).

Let’s take a look at what this fast-track program is all about. Here are the facts:

  • It is an accelerated learning path towards earning your Qualified Blended Educator Certification.
  • The online course is broken up into four one-week instructional blocks that all stem from four of our most popular PD courses: those that teach technology integration, best practices for online instruction, and student engagement.
  • The program gives you access to full, digital, customizable course curriculums that you can implement for students in your very own classroom.
  • If you’re still not intrigued, you may be after hearing that you can also receive four micro-credentials upon completion of the course (if you are unsure what that means, check out our previous post, “The Miracle of the Microcredential,” for more context).

This program is self-paced, and the content is delivered in a variety of different ways to cater to all learning styles.

We are certain that you are already doing the best that you can to teach and inspire your students in every way possible, and for that reason we encourage you to check out this program to make it easier to accomplish these goals.

Thanks for chatting with us today during your coffee break! Here is a link to the website page with more information on this topic if you are interested:

Finally, check out this testimonial from one of our Fast Track program graduates!

“I really thought the webinars aided in my understanding. I liked the resources and as I went through the course, I could definitely relate to being a student and the expectations.”

-Melanie Vasquez, Cheraw School District

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