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Congrats on making it to your coffee break! You deserve it. As teachers, district leaders, and anyone involved in the education system, your cup of energy is most likely running close to empty—especially now, more than ever.

Navigating the often-uncharted waters of blended learning, Zoom, and the constant switch between hybrid and remote teaching is enough to make even the most resilient of educators wish for a month-long hibernation every so often!

Take a moment and sip your drink in front of you. Maybe it warms your belly, and makes your taste buds do a lil’ happy dance. Or perhaps the feeling of caffeine entering your body gives you just the boost you need. Relish in this simple pleasure and pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you’ve done today. Celebrate the ways that you continuously impact the lives of the kids and colleagues in your world.

Just as physical energy is needed to carry you through the day, the energy that comes from learning, new ideas, and growth is imperative for personal and professional success.

What can you expect from our upcoming Coffee Break Chats blog posts, you ask?

Well, you will certainly find posts containing some of the best blended learning practices, user experiences from our extensive Digital Content Warehouse (which contains a plethora of digital courses available as resources supporting professional development), and planning ideas for incorporating innovative student learning experiences.

You can also anticipate reading inspiring accounts of teachers who have found ways to teach in hybrid environments effectively (with their tips and tricks included).

Some days we will share a little bit more about us, our journey, and our services as well.

However, with every post you can expect to learn something new to help you create effective lessons and courses. Hopefully the new possibilities and methods that our posts provide will energize you, much like a quality cup of coffee.

All of us here at iLearn Collaborative could not appreciate you more. Our combined decades of experience in education award us a unique perspective into the daily struggles and triumphs of teachers and district administrators, therefore we understand exactly how impactful your work is.

We are honored that you would share your time with us, and we can’t wait to do what we can to make your job easier by imparting some of our knowledge to you throughout various Coffee Break Chats.

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