Comprehensive Needs Assessment

About the Assessment

The iLearn Collaborative Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) process identifies current strengths and targets areas for growth in your school. Through a multi-step process, our consultants work with you to determine the root causes of challenges and compile a report to detail priorities, recommendations, and next steps.

Our CNA service includes a third-party independent analysis of your school and/or district. This analysis incorporates key observations, trends, and recommendations to optimize the implementation of your school and/or district plans. The CNA is a snapshot that may be either holistic, assessing all five domains of the school, or segmented, assessing only one or a few domains.

Domains Assessed

Domain 1: Culture & Climate
Domain 2: Quality Instruction: Blended Learning/Technology Integration
Domain 3: Professional Development & Collaboration
Domain 4: Educational Offerings & Student Support Services
Domain 5: Student Outcomes: Data & Use of Data

Methods of Assessment

  • School document review
  • School self-assessment
  • School walkthrough/tour
  • Classroom observation
  • Student work review
  • Interviews: Students, teachers, support staff, leadership
  • Surveys: Students, teachers, support staff, leadership, parents/stakeholders
“iLearn Collaborative partners with school districts to offer consultancy that ensures we are preparing learners for success in a changing world. They provided us the framework to delve deeply into our current state of personalized learning. We looked at our practices through the lens of various stakeholders. And the final report identified our strengths as well as areas we can improve. We felt well supported throughout and having access to high quality professional development offered staff and leaders the just-in-time courses we were seeking.”
Poudre School District

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