Our Partners

iLearn Collaborative is proud to partner with like-minded entities across the education ecosystem to increase access to, and effective implementation of, personalized learning. We understand deep collaboration better serves our stakeholders and ultimately, all learners. By learning alongside, pooling talent and resources, we deepen the impact of our mission. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact us and let’s get the conversation started.

Accrediting University Partners

The following universities accredit our professional development content for graduate credit:

Colorado Empowered Learning (CEL) is the Colorado state-supported implementation assistance program that helps educators combine the use of technology with instructional practices and student-centered learning to enhance equity and access in K-12 education. iLC is the state-acknowledged and chosen provider of consulting and professional development services under CEL.

iLC partners with Colorado River BOCES, which oversees and manages the CEL program. Colorado River BOCES works with the providers of services under CEL.

iLC serves on the executive committee of Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) and partners with DLC on various projects and events.


iLC partners with Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute to support the success of students and educators through online and blended learning platforms.


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Professional Learning Services

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Online Professional Development Courses