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About the COURSES

iLearn Collaborative’s courses are designed to provide educators with personalized support exactly when they need it. These courses are structured to recognize and reward the acquisition of new skills and competencies. They are available year-round, catering to the needs of educators on an on-demand basis.

Our courses are designed to empower teachers through a unique scaffolding approach. They start with the fundamentals of blended instructional practice and progress to more advanced levels of learning that align with educational models emphasizing student-centered learning. These courses adhere to the National Standards for Quality Online Learning (NSQ).

Educators enrolled in select courses have the opportunity to earn micro-credentials. These credentials help contextualize their skills and accomplishments within the realms of blended and online learning, technology integration, and student engagement and agency. Each micro-credentialed course is structured for a 3-week completion target and offers 15-45 professional development clock hours or one- to three graduate-level credits, which can be used toward recertification.

Online PD Course Highlights

  • Course design is guided by turning theory into practice, preparing participants to design and develop activities and lessons for immediate implementation.
  • Courses are facilitated by experienced accredited practitioners, who offer coaching that is supported by digital content focused on specific problems of practice and project-based work.
  • Learning progressions are personalized and guide educators through pathways from introductory through advanced levels of knowledge and experience, meeting the instructional needs of participants.
  • Participants receive real-time support and can control when and what to learn, contacting facilitators via phone, email and text, and accessing digital content and learning communities.
  • Peer-to-peer feedback and reflections inform best instructional practices.
  • All courses are university-accredited.

Online PD Courses are available in the following categories:


IlC offers mico-credentials for the following courses:

  • Station Rotation
  • Flipped Learning
  • Gamification
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Student Agency

For more information about micro-credentials, contact us.

Competency Pathways

Demonstrating competency in something means proving that one possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and understanding in a specific subject, task, or field. This demonstration includes showcasing one’s proficiency and capacity to effectively and efficiently handle tasks, solve problems, and achieve goals.

Showing competency often goes beyond mere theoretical knowledge. It typically involves practical application, demonstrations, or assessments to confirm one’s abilities. This can encompass tasks like completing projects, addressing real-world challenges, passing exams, or performing tasks in specific conditions. In our courses, we provide a competency pathway, allowing participants to tailor their learning experience by selecting assessments through which they will demonstrate their competency in the content, granting them a degree of flexibility.

“The time I have invested in the courses was so valuable and applicable to my instruction and overall teaching strategies. More importantly, the help and guidance provided has been outstanding! The flexibility and support from such an organized professional development opportunity is more than a person could ask for.”
Mr. Unruh, Teacher, Ridgway School District R-2

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