Partnership with Colorado Empowered Learning

iLearn Collaborative is Colorado’s provider of consulting and professional learning services through:

Colorado’s statewide support for blended & student-centered learning

The Colorado Empowered Learning (CEL) Program is a state-supported, implementation assistance program that helps educators combine the use of technology with strong instructional practices and student-centered learning to enhance equity and access in PK-12 education. CEL is a project enacted through statute, House Bill 16-1222, and administered through the Colorado River BOCES. Since CEL’s inception in 2016, iLearn Collaborative was selected to be the state-subsidized provider of consulting and blended professional development in Colorado for the Colorado Empowered Learning Program. iLC provides state-funded professional development and consulting services, administered and made possible through the leadership of Colorado Empowered Learning, which partners with non-profit organizations to help educators statewide combine the use of technology with quality instructional practices. To learn more about CEL, contact us.

Colorado Blended Learning Roadmap

The promise and potential of blended learning prompted the Colorado General Assembly to commission a statewide blended learning roadmap through HB 16-1222. The development of the roadmap was led by Colorado Empowered Learning, the state-funded initiative that aimed to harness the talents and knowledge of educators across the state to enhance equity and access in K-12 education through blended learning, along with a core team of blended learning experts. Roadmap development included statewide outreach to teachers, school and district leaders, and families. The Roadmap includes the need for Open Educational Resources in Colorado’s educational landscape. iLC’s Digital Content Warehouse is recognized as a provider for OER as described in the Roadmap.

iLearn Collaborative Commitment

Our commitment to the state of Colorado is to carry out the requirements of the Colorado Empowered Learning Program. Since the launch of CEL in 2016, iLearn Collaborative has successfully met the state requirements of engaging with Colorado school districts for consulting support and professional development course enrollments. Every year since the start of CEL, iLC exceeded the state’s required number of consulting engagements and PD enrollments with waitlists started for upcoming years. Demand for our services has increased as word-of-mouth positive feedback spread across Colorado. In addition, iLC offers a one-of-a-kind valuable Open Educational Resource (OER) repository of elementary, middle school, and high school full-length digital courses, which meets another area of need as defined in the Roadmap and the Colorado Empowered Learning Program.


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